Article from the Concord Insider ( about Brendan Kelly’s talk this week:

By Katie Henry
Insider staff
July 15. 2008 10:50AM

Put down the corn dog and head over to the main stage on opening day to hear Dr. Brendan Kelly, part of the Alaska Marine Conservation Council speaking tour, talk about global warming from an arctic perspective.

Kelley is no stranger to arctic life. In fact, he’s devoted his career to studying the critters who call the poles home and the rapid changes to their environment. Kelly’s current job (get ready, it’s a mouthful) is as associate vice-president for research and associate professor of marine biology with the University of Alaska. And, because he really wanted a two-sided business card, Kelly is also serving as program director during a scientific program called International Polar Year.

For the past 25 years, Kelly and his students have spent the spring camped on the Arctic sea ice with trained Labrador retrievers. The dogs kept themselves busy by finding breathing holes and birth lairs created by ringed seals, which Kelly would then study (in addition to the other marine animals). His research caught the attention of National Geographic, Harper’s Magazine and Science News, to name a few. Out of that research, Kelly decided to focus his efforts on climate change and its impact on the poles.

Long story short, you can stand to learn a lot from Dr. Kelly. You don’t spend 36 years in the field and walk away empty handed.

Kelly will also be visiting Havenwood-Heritage Heights to present a slideshow titled “The Effects of Warming and Acidification in Alaska” on Friday, July 18, at 10 a.m. The program is free and open to the public.