We are excited to announce that we have shifted the focus of the Climate Change speaking tour.  It is now going to be available to a much wider audience through the creation of video clips and a longer-format DVD, as described below:

“Climate Change in Alaska’s Seas”
Climate Change & Ocean Acidification

DVD/CD Project
Sponsored by:
Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS)
Alaska Sea Grant
Alaska Marine Conservation Council (AMCC)
Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE)

A group of scientific and educational organizations are joining together to share scientific information and traditional knowledge about climate change in Alaska’s seas.

Short interviews with ocean scientists, Alaska Natives and fisheries experts, interspersed with still images and video clips, weave together the latest knowledge about climate change in Alaska’s oceans and coastal communities.

The short stand-alone videos of each interview can be shared via the internet, and will also be woven together in DVD/CD format. Topics include:

•    Disappearing Sea Ice
•    Life on the Ice
•    Spring Bloom in the Bering Sea
•    Corrosive Waters

The videos will be available for free via the internet or in DVD or CD format, thus creating a web-based informational resource for non-scientists about climate change & ocean acidification in Alaska.

Scientists, educators & students, coastal communities, organizers/planners of educational events and media outlets, will be able to use these videos to share information about climate change and ocean acidification in Alaska.

The DVD’s and clips should be available by spring 2009.  Please check back here or go to the AMCC website at http://www.akmarine.org for information about how and to order or download them.